Rotonda West, FL - Does Your Home Need Radon Mitigation?

Or, Radon Testing?

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RADON in homes, have been found throughout Rotonda West, FL. According to Florida Health, elevated radon levels effects one in five Florida homes. As a matter of fact, the only way to know if your home has elevated radon, is to test. If radon levels are high, radon mitigation will be needed. When our clients ask and want to know how to get rid of radon, we ask them several questions regarding the structure of their building. Many aspects of the home will influence our radon mitigation system design. It is important to know that It is illegal to measure/test or mitigate radon without Florida certification in the state of Florida.

Back in 1850, when the Swamp Lands Act gave all Florida land to the state, little was know regarding radon gas and how it can cause lung cancer, In 1855 the Tallahassee lawmaking body vested five Trustees with power to auction it. The main recorded offer of what is presently Rotonda, FL came in 1885, to the Gainesville, Ocala and Charlotte Harbor Railroad. Still, no clue to residents that radon testing would one day be needed to save lives in Rotonda West. In 1969 the land was sold to Cavanagh Leasing Corporation, for $19 million. In January 1970, a surveyor stuck a stake at the site of the 5 million gallon repository announcing it the focal point of another network—Rotonda West. In October 1971, Harry and Joan Karr moved into their Rotonda home at 8 Annapolis Lane. They were the primary authority residents. We have not researched how many of those Rontonda West residents would have benefited from radon mitigation. We would need the records of those with lung cancer and what radon testing levels were at the time.

A few words concerning new construction in Rotonda and Rotonda West and the concern to build-in Sub-slab radon mitigation during construction. FL Stat. 553.98, Development of building codes for radon-resistant buildings; financing; rules for radon-resistant aloof Construction norms; ordinances.
(1) The division will be given assets to exercises accidental to
the turn of events and execution of the building codes for radon resistant buildings and for such other building code-related exercises as coordinated by the Legislature. As Fort Myers Radon always advises, make sure to conduct radon testing once the structure is built and able to be closed. It is important to test in Sub-slab radon mitigation was perform or if there was no pre-piped radon system installed thus far.

Radon levels in Rotonda West, FL . Here is the Florida Radon Data by Zip Code

As indicated in this map of Florida, Rotonda West, Charlotte County, indicates radon is clearly an issue to be of concern. This FL Health Map highlights counties in red, the percentage of residences at 4pCi/L or above. A great amount of Rotonda West and Charlotte county County indicate these higher levels.

What does PicoCuries mean?

Radon levels are measured using picoCuries. When a building is tested for radon, the picoCuries indicate the level of radon in the building at the time an air sample has been measured. EPA and Florida Health guidlines suggest no radon level is safe; Buildings at or above 4pCi/l should be mitigated.

Radon-in-homes-from-Fort Myers-Naples-Tampa-news-story
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