What's Radon?

What's Radon?

What's RADON? It's a cancer causing gas, when elevated.

At Fort Myers Radon Mitigation Authority, we are dedicated to helping families, businesses, home owners, home buyers, schools and institutions reduce their risk of harmful radon gases by using radon remediation (radon reduction) procedures to greatly reduce radon levels throughout Florida.



Leading Cause of Lung Cancer for Non-Smokers

Radon can’t be seen. Radon can’t be smelled. Radon can’t be tasted. People need to test for radon in order to know it is present.  Radon is categorized as a Class A carcinogen and is known as the second cause of lung cancer overall. Radon is responsible for more than 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year (one every 25 minutes). buildings, including homes, schools, apartments, condominiums, manufacturing, commercial and office space.

Radon comes from the radioactive breakdown of naturally occurring radium found in soils. As a gas in the soil, it enters buildings through small openings in the foundation. Since the building can hold the radon similarly to smoke trapped under a glass, indoor radon concentrations can increase to many times that of outdoor levels. The only way to know the radon levels in your home is to test. If you have an elevated radon level hire Fort Myers Radon, South Florida's premier radon testing and reduction company.


When to Mitigate

High Radon Levels Can Be Reduced. EPA recommends that you take action to reduce your home’s indoor radon levels if your radon test result is elevated 4 pCi/L or higher. It is better to correct a radon problem before placing your home on the market because then you have more time to address a radon problem. If elevated levels are found during the real estate transaction, the buyer and seller should discuss the timing and costs of radon reduction. The cost of making repairs to reduce radon levels depends on how your home was built and other factors. Most homes can be fixed for about the same cost as other common home repairs. Fort Myers Radon Authority will mitigate your home or building to EPA protocol, with the peace of mind in knowing you have hired the very best experienced and radon educated company in the state of Florida.


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