Palm Beach, Florida Radon Mitigation - Here is why you need to hire Fort Myers Radon Mitigation for your radon mitigation system installation.

So you found out your radon level was elevated after testing. Here's the process:

Exactly how Palm Beach homeowner(s) find the services of Fort Myers Radon Mitigation will turn out to be a true asset in finding the best Palm Beach Florida Radon Mitigation Company, to do both radon testing and radon mitigation. Making the decision to call us to install their new radon system was an easy decision, after finding out a radon level is elevated after testing. Fort Myers Radon Authority's radon technicians simply will determine the homeowners radon problem over a telephone conversation, providing the information needed to prepare a design and then an estimate in order to get a radon mitigation system installed as quickly as possible in the Palm Beach home. The homeowner can be selling their home and the buyer may request that they have a radon mitigation system installed to reduce the home's radon levels. The buyer may insist that the radon mitigation system not be installed into the duct work. The buyers are often concerned that these type of radon mitigation systems could bring too much air into the home, which could potentially cause a hidden mold issue. Smart sellers agree and also do not want a mold issue coming back years later bringing a potential law suit, after the sale of the home.

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Test Your Palm Beach Home for Radon. Testing is the only way to know if the home has elevated radon. Elevated radon should be mitigated.

Fort Myers Radon does not use methods that will blow large amounts of humid air into the ducts, period!

Our Radon Mitigation System Installations Have NEVER Caused A Mold Issue

Still not sure if your Cape Coral home needs radon mitigation?

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Radon levels in Palm Beach, FL . Here is the Florida Radon Data by Zip Code

As indicated in this map of Florida, Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, indicates radon is clearly an issue to be of concern. This FL Health Map highlights counties in red, the percentage of residences at 4pCi/L or above. A great amount of Palm Beach and Palm Beach County indicate these higher levels.

What does PicoCuries mean?

Radon levels are measured using picoCuries. When a building is tested for radon, the picoCuries indicate the level of radon in the building at the time an air sample has been measured. EPA and Florida Health guidlines suggest no radon level is safe; Buildings at or above 4pCi/l should be mitigated.

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