Miami, FL, Does Your Home Need Radon Mitigation?

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Miami FL Radon Mitigation Systems, Testing and Air Test Inspection

RADON in homes, have been found throughout Miami, FL. According to Florida Health, elevated radon levels effects one in five Florida homes. As a matter of fact, the only way to know if your home has elevated radon, is to test. If radon levels are high, radon mitigation will be needed. When our clients ask and want to know how to get rid of radon, we ask them several questions regarding the structure of their building. Many aspects of the home will influence our radon mitigation system design. It is important to know that It is illegal to measure/test or mitigate radon without Florida certification in the state of Florida.

What is the environmental impact on Miami, FL?

Miami, Florida has been called ;magic city' by young and old alike. This enchanted city is actually a narrow strip of land laid between the coast of Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades, with a soaring population of 5.5 million residents. This amazing place excels that of the majority of cities in the United States. Miami air quality is excellent for the most part, excluding those homes testing elevated for radon gas. The non- exisistance of manufacturing over-all adds to the non-polluted feel and clean air worry, usually felt by most city dwellers of this size.

The overwhelming appeal to the masses that choose Miami as home or partial time home has mainly to do with the tropical climate with lush landscape surrounding this piece of paradise. As many in Miami go about their days enjoying this piece of heaven, negative effects do impact the air. Spiking ozone is often the problem when public transit, such as busing and utility vehicles hit the streets as well as the many daily commuters using the roadways.

As we try to educate people about clean outdoor air as well as the effects that radon has on the human lungs indoors, more and more individuals and families understand the importance to test and get radon mitigation when escalated levels are present.

Ideally, environmental education programs in our schools and colleges will cultivate a between generational social move that will improve the possibilities for a supportable future. Extra interest in naturalizing our urban surroundings while we keep on urbanizing nature ought to likewise improve that probability. Green Government and Development activities in our province give insightful designs to environmentally, financially and socially touchy living. The time has come to put resources into these answers for improving the personal satisfaction in our urban communities.

While Miami, limited by the unimaginable breadth of normal resources of the Everglades and ocean, flaunts magnificent air and water quality, keen designs for feasible resource use, there is a glaring issue at hand, which many Miamians are just unaware of, radon-induced-lung-cancer.

Ideally, environmental education programs in our schools and colleges will cultivate a yearning to discover and resolve environmental hazards such as a diminished ozone level and the radon problem Miami and the rest of Florida unfortunately has.
We at Fort Myers Radon, will always offer our knowledge to all interested and concerned. We are committed to providing only the best radon testing and radon remediation that pertain to
radon levels by state of

Florida. Without educating our customers, we cannot fully serve the health needs of those that need it the most, which are the people living with elevated radon conditions and how to fix high radon levels

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Miami, Florida radon testing by Fort Myers Product Fort Myers Radon, provides services for Dade county homeowners, buyers, sellers. We take air samples of indoor air to determine if radon mitigation will be needed. Air pollution can be and often is part of our Miami homes, Sometimes breathing inside our walls can be toxic, especially for our lungs. Simply contact Fort Myers Radon at 239-653-7555 13300-56 S. Cleveland Ave., Ste 116 Fort MYERS, FL 33907 Lat 26.549114 Lon -81.873085

Radon levels in Miami FL, Dade County Florida Radon Data by Zip Code

As indicated in this map of Florida, Miami, Dade County, indicates radon is clearly an issue to be of concern. This FL Health Map highlights counties in red, the percentage of residences at 4pCi/L or above. A great amount Dade County indicate these higher levels.

What does PicoCuries mean?

Radon levels are measured using picoCuries. When a building is tested for radon, the picoCuries indicate the level of radon in the building at the time an air sample has been measured. EPA and Florida Health guidlines suggest no radon level is safe; Buildings at or above 4pCi/l should be mitigated.

Radon-in-homes-from-Fort Myers-Naples-Tampa-news-story

Miami, FL Zip Codes

33125. 33158. 33150. 33168. 33137. 33190. 33127. 33146. 33154. 33144. 33184. 33132. 33174. 33145. 33131. 33135. 33129. 33136. 33130. 33109. 33128


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